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Wide Range of Services

Tata 1mg offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including online medicine ordering, doctor consultations, lab tests, and health information. This wide array of services makes it a convenient one-stop platform for users' healthcare needs.

Quality of Service

Being associated with Tata Group, a reputable and well-established conglomerate in India, may lend credibility to Tata 1mg and enhance users' trust in the platform's services and products

Customer Convenience

The platform's online nature allows users to order medicines and book lab tests from the comfort of their homes. Doctor consultations can also be done online, saving users time and effort in visiting physical clinics.

Health Information Database

The comprehensive database of medicines and health information available on the platform allows users to access valuable information about drugs, their uses, and potential side effects, promoting informed healthcare decisions.

Home Sample Collection

The option of getting lab test samples collected from users' homes adds to the convenience and safety, particularly in times when visiting a physical lab might be challenging.

Potential Expansion

With Tata Group's support and resources, Tata 1mg may have the potential to expand its services and reach a broader customer base, potentially leading to better offerings and accessibility.

About Us

Tata 1mg an Indian online healthcare platform that provides various healthcare services and products

It was founded in 2012 by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agarwal, and Vikas Chauhan. The company is based in Gurugram, India.

Online Healthcare Platform
Tata 1mg is an Indian online healthcare platform that offers a range of healthcare services and products
Medicine Ordering
Users can order medicines online through the 1mg website or mobile app and have them delivered to their doorstep
Doctor Consultations
The platform provides access to qualified doctors for medical consultations through video calls, chat, or phone calls, enabling users to seek medical advice and obtain prescriptions